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Hashtag Investing is the #1 premium social platform for stock investors. Learn and share with smart investors and discuss in real-time through group chats and modern forums. Topics include value investing, daytrading, options trading, stock market news, personal finance, and more!

Connecting, training and advocating for community professionals world-wide.

Global community of international travelers working remotely around the world

Indie Hackers is a website and community focusing on helping entrepreneurs become profitable while remaining independent.

Discover and share beer, breweries and bars with your friends.

A marketplace for women over 50 to host and attend gatherings

A membership organization accelerating the success of highly scalable companies founded by women and non-binary individuals.

1 Community for CEOs & Founders Looking to 10x Their Growth

TechToronto is the best way to expand your knowledge and network within Toronto’s technology community.

Makerlog is the collaborative task log that helps over 3000+ creators get things done.

A think-tank for real estate tech comprised of founders, execs, VCs, and forward thinking practitioners.

Freelancing can be tough. It can be confusing. It can be stressful. It can be lonesome. It doesn’t have to be.

Whether you want to find more work, sharpen your skills, or belong to a community of other freelance creatives… you’ve come to the right place.

The Freelance Creatives’ mission is simple: to assist you with these three things both online and in-person.

A community for remote workers and people who work from home. We share tips, give advice, network, chit chat throughout the day, plan local events, and have #coffee-break zoom calls.

SideProjectors is a community of developers, entrepreneurs and side hustlers who can buy, sell and discover side projects. We have about 15000 members who every day post side projects to sell, or if they are seeking co-founder / collaborator for their project, or if they wish to just showcase their side projects.

Started in 2014, we have sold and exchanged hundreds of side projects!

The Genuine Impact community is a place for investors from around the world to discuss long term investing. It focuses on long term trends, disruptive companies and smaller startups who are crowdfunding. It’s also a place to submit feedback about the GI service to the team, get the latest updates about what they’re working on and ask for advice about using their service.

Kickstart your remote job search.

In our community, you get personalized feedback. Fellow members will give constructive feedback on your CV and Cover Letter. We also run a job search channel, where we share our journeys.

We are solving coding problems from top tech companies and discuss all topics relates for getting jobs in tech.

A community of 50,000 women and non-binary people in tech. We connect you to the best jobs and opportunities in tech, and connect companies to the best women tech makers.

CTO Lunches is a global community of engineering leaders who discuss engineering leadership over email and get together once a month in their local communities for lunch.

SaaStr Inclusion Free eBooks Academy Events SaaStr Pro Fund Sponsors About SEARCH … All About SaaStr Built by SaaS enthusiasts for SaaS enthusiasts. What is SaaStr and how did it begin? SaaStr is the world’s largest community of SaaS executives, founders, and entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to help everyone get from $0 to $100m ARR with less stress and more success. We do that with a combination of industry-leading content and community connections.

The SaaStr Annual is the largest non-vendor event in the industry, with 12,000+ attendees from all across the world coming together each February in the SF Bay Area. And SaaStr Europa brings 2,500+ SaaS execs, founders and VCs together to Paris every June.

Share, discuss and be informed about the latest is Data Science and AI

Sidelist is a handpicked collection of the best side projects on the web, it helps makers to showcase their side projects with the community and get visibility.

TheCR Network is a community of practice for community practitioners that provides resources, training, support, and collaboration with peers for anyone whose work touches on community.

A global community of tech people who want to help fix the climate. With Impact Makers you'll find ongoing and forming projects you can get involved in to do your part to help the planet. You can also share your own ideas to help fight climate change and meet like-minded tech workers who share the same goal to make a difference.

Land Surveyors United is Earth's largest land surveying community. Started in 2007, our global grassroots community represents the collective intelligence of of 60,000 land surveyors around the world.

The Blue Community Consortium was created by the Waves of Change, a program of the WHALE Center that was endorsed by the International Ocean Institute. Blue Community was developed as a way coastal communities could put greater emphasis on sustainable ocean issues that are of concern to coastal communities.

Blue Community is a program of the WHALE Center, and administers its United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Affiliate programs. It also manages a UNWTO Sustainable Tourism Observatory, the Blue Community Sustainable Tourism Observatory.

The Blue Community provides the following major programs and services.

Management and research of the Blue Community Sustainable Tourism Observatory that includes 14 communities in Florida Management of the Blue Community Consortium that includes cities, businesses, NGO's and other groups. Providing software for communities to do their own assessment using the UNWTO metrics, Blue Community principles, and One Planet Living framework. Providing Certification for accommodations from small bed and breakfasts to large hotels and resorts. Providing experiential learning experiences for Colleges, Universities, and other interested groups Providing Conferences, Seminars, and training including: One Planet Living Integrated training Project Management for Sustainable Development training (PM4SD) Culture Based Leadership Development

At Olark, we partner with the best creators, designers, marketers, agencies & industry experts to help business owners learn from every live chat conversation.

Zero Percent is a community of people cutting back on alcohol. Track your zero alcohol streak, stay motivated against peer pressure, meet other non-drinkers and discover the best alcohol-free places in your city.

TruStory is a new social media gaming application that incentivizes productive debate rather than emotional outrage,

Webwide is an inclusive long-form discussion board community for web designers, developers and makers. We're united by a passion for learning, sharing and creating on the web while supporting our wider industry.

A community to showcase and discover the best digital marketing content.

Readlist is a community to discover and share books worth reading. It's for book lovers, and for those in pursuit of life-long self-improvement.

A platform for sharing stories about your life experiences, challenges and success. Everyone has a story to tell. Let others learn from you.

WT:social, A Social Network Focused on Facts + Collaboration

As a founder, it's your decisions that make the difference between failure and success of your business. Our goal is using biohacking to make our decisions smarter, substantially increase mental energy and decrease the effect of stress on our brains and bodies.

Huddol is a place to for people committed to personal growth and social development. Meet amazing people sharing wisdom, finding support and becoming the best versions of themselves.

Trending and homegrown media about the wonders of the cosmos

A LinkedIn for extreme sport lovers and yogis. Mostly instructors, teachers but also copywriters, photographers, video editors, social media experts, marketing,...

It's a community where professionals and entrepreneurs share their career move stories

Digital marketing professors and students learn using simulations. Anybody interested in business education


We bring detailed accessibility information to those who need to know Travel For All will allow travellers with accessibility needs to find the tourist accommodation and activities that suit them. The need for accessibility may be temporary or permanent and be related to age, disability, accident or illness. People may have mobility, sensory or communication limitations.

We provide a way for tourism operators to provide more detailed information to people with accessibility needs who love to travel. Providing more information allows them to choose your property.

Travel For All is focused on tourist accommodation, attractions, tours and activities.

We offer a travel for all blog and community discussion forums for learning and sharing your experiences. Directory coming soon.

For Travellers

Travel For All will gather the information you need to make informed decisions about where you stay and what you do when on holiday, or travelling for work.

Your accessibility needs may be extensive, or you may have just a couple of key requirements that must be in place. The operators listed on Travel For All will include the information you need.

As a member of the Travel For All Community you will be able to add reviews and accessibility information for listings.

The community is now live. Join now to meet other travellers.

For Tourism Operators

Travel For All will help you attract new customers from the valuable and growing accessible travel market.

We will assist owners and operators of travel related businesses in assessing their properties against the needs of guests who require some extra consideration.

Share detailed information and the accessible amenities of your property in your Travel For All listing, and link to this information from other marketing channels.

We will help you share what you currently have in place. Maybe you don't realise what information is important to some guests. Accessibility does not have to equate to high costs.

There are so many people with some accessibility needs, through age, disability, accident and illness. Of those with disability, less than 5%  use a wheelchair.

Let people know more about you.

We are a no code community of founders, helping each other to build businesses without code

The Product Folks is a volunteer-driven community of Product Managers, Marketers, Designers and enthusiasts who are passionate about making an impact and helping everyone grow together!

Connecting people who would like to write code with a like-minded human.

The Idea Collective is for driven, positive and growing Small Business Owners that are looking for a community to support them on their journey. The group gathers in a 24x7 social network (off facebook) and in near-daily Zoom meetings to collaborate, cowork and share resources so we all can grow and prosper together. The community is hosted by Pat Miller - The Idea Coach.

This community is for people who want to help their business and teams to improve work practices and business processes through Microsoft365.

Productivity and accountability for remote entrepreneurs and professionals

Toneglide is an open community about music hardware and software

Propel accelerates the careers of future builders. Join a curated network of rising stars who want to build the next big thing as founders or executives.